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Day 148-Sisters

PCT day 60-A good day always begins with a good breakfast and courtesy of my Aunt’s friends I got a great breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes. With almost to much food in me I got back on the trail and began et another relatively smooth climb in Oregon. I climbed up past multiple lakes, walked past devastated burn areas and continued to hurdle many logs throughout the day. I pass Charlston lake where five years ago some car campers threw a big party for me. Shortly thereafter I entered the Three Sisters Wilderness and it began to dawn on me how close I am to wrapping up boy only Oregon but this second of three major trail. I continue to wonder how the mosquitos continue to bite me since I thought they had every square inch of me covered in bites. I found an incredible spot to camp near a small backcountry lake and it reminded me of growing up backpacking with the whole weekend consisting of going 3 miles. In two days I will see both my mom and sister who I haven’t seen since I started this adventure in February!

Miles 1904-1939

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