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Day 149-Obsidian

PCT day 61-As has become habit, I packed up as quickly and efficiently as possible to limit the exposure to the surrounding mosquitos. Once moving I continued to outrun the pesky bugs. I walked past multiple other hikers but kept the conversations at a minimum to avoid the bugs. I walked past incredible lakes presenting perfect reflections, streams with cold clear water an through ruined burn areas from the last few years. The good thing about the burn areas is they don’t harbor any mosquitos. I made a quick side trip to elk lake and then moved on and hiked past three of the sister. They are large mountains near mount bachelor. The trail skirts the west side of them and gave some incredible views. The trail was no longer hard duet but changes to obsidian and pumas rock. The views to the north are mt Washington, mt Jefferson and three finger jack. I have been enjoying my homemade meals courtesy of my family in southern Oregon. I ended this particular day with homemade dehydrated lasagne!

Miles 1939-1973

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