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Day 151-Mt Jefferson

PCT day 63-Eggs, bacon and all the other breakfast essentials were for breakfast and then we were off for the trailhead. Ben, a photographer is hiking the next 70 miles with me so it should be nice to go at a bit slower of a pace. It was sad to say good bye to my mom and sister after seeing them for less than a day for the first time since February but that is the nature of this hike. We walked around three finger jack through a large burn area before being greeted with the first full views of Mt Jefferson. There were multiple blow downs and wash outs to navigate from all the snow this winter as well as some late lingering snow. Late in the day we passed the lake I backpacked into as a kid and more or less got my start. Now I am flying by it with long days. Once we found a camp I made a fire for the first time in quite a while and even got to relax a bit. It was a nice evening and it truly is nice to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Miles 1998-2029

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