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Day 153-Timberline Lodge

PCT day 65-Nearly every mountain in the cascade range is the origin of a few rivers and streams. Naturally these flow from the snow that collects on these peaks and melts to flow into these rivers in the spring. These rivers cut into the Mountain to create the valley they flow through. I get to climb down into each of these valleys only to climb back up the other side and then down across the next River as I work my way north around all these glaciated peaks. Today I began this pattern around Mt Hood. It rained all night which means I am carrying a pound of water in my gear and tent and am continually praying for a 15 minute sun break to dry my tent(yes that is all it takes). Ben’s feet were about shot but he powered through the 15 miles to Timothy lake. The trail was smooth and pine needle covered but offered few views into the fog and rain. This mean no distractions and we were to Timothy lake by 12:30. We parted ways and I climbed into the Mt hood wilderness. I crossed Wapinita pass and Barlow pass then received a text from my sister asking if I wanted to meet for drinks at the Timberline lodge. It’s hard to turn down a free beer so I put my head down and disappeared into the awful weather. I climbed through sand up to 6k feet and couldn’t see a thing. Visibility was at maybe 100 feet. I wouldn’t even be able to see the lodge. Luckily I had good service and pulled up a map to make sure I wouldn’t follow the trail right past the lodge. I made it, had a beer and good conversation before having to enter the inclement weather to camp. Luckily I can sleep in since I plan to take full advantage of the all you can eat breakfast buffet!

Miles 2055-2094

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