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Day 154-rainy

PCT day 66-After camping just outside the Timberline lodge front door I crept in early in the morning to enjoy coffee, and get one last charge before enjoying the breakfast buffet. There is no doubt I am a pro at getting my money’s worth at an all you can eat buffet. I ate so much in fact, they gave me a complimentary digestive aid. I wasn’t sure how to take this gesture but I sure did take advantage of it. After being thoroughly stuffed I started back on the trail around Mt Hood. There were multiple 1k descents and climbs to cross all the streams and rivers melting off the glaciers. One particular crossing was of the sandy River. It involved crossing a four inch wide log that bounced as I worked across the swift milky colored glacier melt. Just as the log became too slick for me I was able to lunge across to the other side and temporarily save my feet from the biting cold. I don’t often take side trips unless I am sure it is worth it and growing up in this area I knew I wanted to detour to Ramona falls. It is a water fall that trickles more than falls down 200 feet of smooth rock. It resembles a giant chandelier that glistens with the falling water. Next up was the Muddy Fork. Another wild crossing. This one had slick logs across if with a rotting rope. It took a unique style of balancing to avoid this deep River. After this it was smooth sailing albeit wet. I hiked into the bull run watershed where I was forced to camp in an exposed campsite where I am sure I will feel the full extent of the wind and the rain all night.

Miles 2094-2125

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