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Day 155- Cascade Locks

PCT day 67-It ’twas another rainy day. The rain was coming down so hard I had no desire to get out of my tent and begin the day. In times like these I pack up nearly everything inside before venture out into the elements and dealing with a wet tent. This situation was no different and I was soon on the trail on my way to Cascade Locks. It was nothing special, just walking through the center of a wet cloud. About ten miles from the Oregon/Washington border my parents met me and hiked the last of Oregon with me. When I got to the Bridge of the gods over the Columbia River I made a couple minor gear changes, resupplied my food and put on a clean shirt to meet some family and friends that came out to say hello. It was wonderful to talk to everyone and at the same time exhausting. I am a little out of practice in social settings. Finally about 7 I walked across the sidewalkless bridge to the Washington side where I walked just far enough to get away from the freeway. Gillette lake was my home for the night. Just one more state on this trail!

Miles 2125-2148

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