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Day 156-Seesaw 

PCT day 68-For the first time in quite a while it was a dry morning. This should have given me all the motivation I needed to jump out of bed and start down the trail but I think the combination of being within a 45 minute drive (or a days walk) of where I grew up along with being within 500 miles of finishing up my second trail of the year weighed on me. I did not set speed records today, but I was able to salvage it. As I climbed out the gorge in the morning I entered a low cloud. This made the overgrown trail very wet and I was soon wearing soaked clothes. Luckily the overgrown area ended quickly as I saw a crew working on trail maintenance and they had done an excellent job clearing the way for me. From here the day had very few views but many climbs. As soon as I would climb up to 3k feet I would almost immediately drop down in the triple digits. Near the end of the day I finally got a nice view of Mt Hood after only seeing it cloaked in clouds the past few days. My major issue now is new shoes. I got a pair at cascade locks but it always takes 2-3 days for my feet to break them in. Until that happens I have achy feet. Tomorrow I should get some great views of Mt Adams!

Miles 2148-2183

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