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Day 158-Adams

PCT day 70-Mountains are majestic. Here is nothing like standing at the base of a rock, ice and snow mass that climbs into the sky. This fascination has drawn me to not only climb them but to hike in their presence. Today I got a view of numerous towering mountains in the Cascade range. The clouds dissipated overnight with only a couple small smattering a of rain. This gave way to great views. I climbed up into the Mt Adams wilderness and as I neared one of my favorite mountains the view changed from a single mountain to a panorama of the entire range. I could see Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier, Mt Adams and the Goat Rocks. I have climbed all of these except Adams. Alone with no cell service, few people and many more hills to conquer nothing quite inspires like a view like this. As I would around Adams I had to cross the Lewis River, endure mosquitos and take as many pictures as possible. If I have learned one thing over 10k miles it is that no matter how hard you try a picture cannot capture the true magic. But I was able to take a couple awesome reflection shots! As I neared the edge of the wilderness I had a classic “wrong place wrong time moment.” While walking down the trail a bee flew in my shirt sleeve and managed to sting me on the hand. Just painful and annoying, nothing too bad. From here the day only got worse. As soon as I entered Goat Rocks Wilderness the clouds came back. Not rain clouds but mosquito clouds. These were giant blood thirsty mosquitos. I waged war against them for a few miles before I finally climbed high enough into the wind where they thinned out. I took down thousands of mosquitos but they managed to leave their mark on me too and may have won the war. Tomorrow is one of my favorite sections of the trail so stay tuned. One note: I have very little phone service and it is increasingly difficult to schedule posts by 8am PST every day. I will do my best to keep everyone caught up and continue to write a post for every day as has become my staple.

Miles 2223-2262

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