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Day 159-Goat Rocks

PCT day 71-I have spent over a year of my life living in my tent. I mention this to encourage those out there to pursue whatever makes you happy, inspires you and ultimately what your passion is. In particular with this current 250 day adventure I have had multiple people tell me it wasn’t realistic, I was crazy, it I’m just weird. Maybe all of these are true but between my family and true friends I have had all the support I could have asked for during such an incredible undertaking. Yes, the mosquitos suck, my feet often ache, and I am cold and hungry too often buy this life changing adventure is not only fun but it has proven to me that an average person can do a lot more than they admit to themselves. On that note today I enjoyed my favorite section of the trail:The Goat Rocks. I climbed up from some of the valley lakes into the heart of the rocks. As soon as I hit the many peaks and valleys in these unique mountains the greens were greener, the snow was whiter and the sky was bluer. I walked through the section on top of the knife’s edge. It is the high point of the ridge with two deep valleys dropping off sharply on either side. It lasted a couple miles of surreal views, steep snow banks and goatless rocks before it was down into another valley and back to reality. After breaking a trekking pole and a pair of glasses, with a couple more climbs and descents and I was at White Pass to resupply. When I got to the gas station at 610 that was supposed to have my package it was closed. I could not have been more frustrated. I would be spending the night in white pass.

Miles 2262-2292

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