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Day 163-A BearFriend

PCT day 75-Today was tough. Washington has been a grind. Between the weather, bad trail conditions, snow and extreme terrain it has been just about as much as I can handle. Being in the last week of this trail I have some deadlines due to my after the trail transportation and transition. Making this timeline has been quite the event. I have given up sleep and hike straight from 5 to 1030pm. Unfortunately if the weather would cooperate I could easily get my 40 mile days in during the daylight but this has not been the case. Today I saw many southbound hikers and one in particular, after asking when I started began counting on his fingers how many months I had been on trail and he was blown away it’s been only 2. The rain today was relentless. I’m sure multiple other out there have my philosophy with gear and hope to wear out what we have because that means we are using it, but in my case my rain jacket is so worn out that it no longer keeps water out and after a few minutes of rain I am a walking sponge. I’ll have to figure out how to combat this problem for the next trail. I always say that when I hit my lowest lows something seems to happen to bring some joy and today was no different. While shivering in my worn out rain gear I walked by some dense forest and heard something move. I looked up and saw a bear just a few feet away. I took some time to get to know him and poured out my feelings. He seemed indifferent so we eventually had a falling out. I spent the rest of the navigating the huckleberry filled trail in the rain and mosquitos. It was a very tough and trying day but I’m sure it will only get better. I just want to see the sun again.

Miles 2404-2440

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