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Day 164-Stevens pass

PCT day 76-21 miles to my resupply and I had planned my food perfectly. It looked like the rare occasion I would be in good spirits with a semi full belly as I entered town. Planning food is one of the most difficult aspects since I often have a goal of completing a section but it is a fluid goal. For example, if a section has multiple miles of snow and downed trees I will be slowed considerably compared to a clear trail. The sun was even out sporadically this morning as I climbed multiple passes only to descend to lakes and climb again. I saw multiple southbounders throughout the day as well as some hikers who skipped up to Washington to avoid the snow of the Sierra Nevada’s. After walking under multiple ski lifts I arrived at Stevens Pass where I got my resupply package and snacked on some food. The girl working at Stevens Pass could not have been kinder. I don’t often begin or even include what I am doing this year in a conversation since I want to be just one of the hikers that comes through, but one of the hikers who skipped up had heard of me, told the barista what I was attempting and insisted on taking a selfie with me. This led to the barista paying for my drink and giving me extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup on my ice cream. It actually lifted my spirits and gave me renewed energy but really was not the special treatment I enjoy. I ended the day by climbing back into the remote mountains, climbing past Janus and Valhalla Lakes and began what looks like a very secluded, solitary and rugged section. Judging by the first few miles of it, I will be climbing over multiple downed logs.

Miles 2440-2478

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