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Day 182- Running from Thunder

CDT day 10-The window was tiny and the thunder was immense. I was moving as fast as I could to stay under the white clouds and away from the quickly approaching thunderheads. Every minute I would hear the crack of the thunder but never saw lightning. I was moving across the highest points in the area with very few places to go under a tiny window of safe weather. This trail is literally on the continental divide, down to the inch most the time and while it is often extremely scenic and amazing it is also very dry and a very bad spot to be in a storm. To make matters more concerning, the clouds roll in extremely quick, sometimes in just 20 minutes. On this particular day after walking the divide for 15 miles the weather moved in when I was at my most vulnerable. I picked up the pace and only had a few minutes of concern before I could safely drop into a valley and begin following my small window of safe clouds. In this slowed pace I took advantage of the huckleberries and the scenery. I also tried out some homemade rain gear I have been using until I can swap it for something more reliable in these storms. In the meantime I have a painter’s tyvek paint suit that I have seem sealed and modified with duct tape while I had a day off between the PCT and CDT. I am going to try to keep a running total of my miles on this trail at the bottom of my post but they will differ from the actual trail miles since I walked extra miles in glacier and expect to in the Winds and Yellowstone as well but this will be offset by some alternates I will take. It will just give a perspective of how far I have come on this trail. I should hit the end around the 2800-3000 mile mark.

Miles 301-335

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