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Day 184-three for three 

CDT day 12-It seems thunderstorms are a normal part of life and I will quit emphasizing them so much. I try to check the weather when I have service and while tomorrow and the next few days will always show clear skies, the current day always updates to show thunderstorms. This will be quite the new challenge to deal with and one I haven’t had since climbing the Colorado mountains. As has been the theme, I was hot when I went to bed so I barely used my quilt but by the morning it was so cold I didn’t want to climb out of my warm quilt. So I didn’t. I slept in and started the day when I felt good and ready. Due to my trip in to Helena I have plenty of food for he next couple days. It sure is nice to have a full belly. So I walked some logging roads and snacked the whole time. I didn’t expect to see anyone on the roads as they looked remote but an old beat up pickup rolled up slowly. I stood tall and flexed to look as intimidating as possible. Turns out that was a bit excessive and it was an older gentleman who offered me some snap peas and a strawberry. I couldn’t really understand him to figure out what he was doing out in the middle of nowhere let alone how his truck got up the hill. Eventually I got some good trail but every point of the divide I was on was covered in trees and therefore photos and views were not part of the day. As i was walking along listening to music during one of the storms I heard the unmistakeable ground shake of a moose and sure enough I saw a bull moose take off into the woods. Later I saw an elk and a deer. So I was 3 for 3 today. It was another day of around 40 miles and even with sleeping in that seems like the comfortable amount after six months of hiking.

Ending mile 411

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