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Day 187-the elk

CDT day 15-Today was monumental. The Continental Divide Trail is broken into 6 segments and today I completed the first one. At the same time that I completed segment 1, I was extremely tired all day and had a piercing headache. Good thing coffee cures all. I woke up to prancing around my tent. When I peaked outside I saw a brave deer. We locked eyes and immediately had an understanding before he hopped off into the woods. I made my coffee and filled my pockets with breakfast and began my day. I climbed over multiple high passes and by many alpine lakes. I am trying to embrace the moments I am in the wilderness since it seems a few times a week I am stuck walking gravel roads. Throughout the day I saw elk, moose and deer. As the day turned to evening I had headphones in and was persevering to the water source I was hoping to camp at when out of nowhere the ground began to shake. It felt like a stampede. I looked up and saw it was a group of elk running through the woods and destroying everything in their path. I reached the water source after a 39 mile day. I am hitting a resupply town tomorrow so I may get some more fulfilling food to kick this headache.

Ending mile 535

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