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Day 197-A little magic 

CDT day 25 -Miles Hiked today: 40

CDT total distance traveled: 865

Total trip miles: 5745

Avg temps: 80s

Injuries: None

Pain: Achilles

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: Kate’s real food Grizz Bar (I ate two today) Today some unexpected trail magic happened to me late in the day. Every full day on trail I seem to end up with at least 40 miles for the day. Poor trail, elevation, mountains and dry stretches seem to be only minor issues at this point in the game. I’m probably not good at much else with my body in its current state but I got this long distance backpacking thing down. Tomorrow I will be entering Wyoming! After that I’m down to just two more states. It’s been quite a year. I keep hindering myself in the morning by being content to lay still and stare at my tent ceiling for an extra half hour before rising. After I finally do get up I end up hiking like heck and am usually at 20 miles by 12-1pm and then I coast the rest of the day. Today was pretty dry but that also means I get gorgeous views while walking ridges that look down on the plains on both sides thousands of feet below. I made friends with the elk, deer, and a fox today. I met a few more northbounders and even took a mid day dip in Lillian lake. But the real magic happened as I was walking Sawtelle road into Island Park/Macks Inn. The further I descended from Sawtelle Mountain the more cars and ATVs I saw on the gravel road. One pair of ATVers stopped to talk to me about what I was doing. I told him a little about the trail and then refused the ride down the road he offered. After that they took off down the road. I put my headphones back in and kept walking. It was 830 now and I was getting ready to stop for dinner. Then all of a sudden the ATVers came back and offered me a bed, food and a shower at their condo. I decided to put off Yellowstone for another day and accept their magic. Tomorrow I will get to finish my 3 miles of road walking into town but for the evening I am quite content. You never know what can happen to you around each turn out here and the trail always provides!

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