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Day 199- Giardia

CDT day 27 -Miles Hiked today: 34

CDT total distance traveled: 924

Total trip miles: 5804

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: none

Pain: stomach

Exhaustion level: low

Favorite meal: Hawaiian beans from my Aunt Vickie I have had giardia for a number of days and I will spare you the details but in short it is hard to hike. It has been hard to get medication for it because the towns I resupply in are measured by the number of stop signs they have. Today I was in Yellowstone by noon and was able to visit the medical clinic and get exactly what I needed in less than an hour. I can retire the self medication method of dosing with pepto bismal. With that out of the way I grabbed my resupply package from the post office and a couple things from the store before setting out on the trail with and end in sight to my discomfored hiking. Maybe il be able to pull some 50 mile days once again. Yellowstone has been beautiful. The geysers, vents and boiling springs look like they belong on Mars. Unfortunately, along with these springs and the water come the added swamps and marsh on the trail. So I end today with some great pictures but also with wet feet and a sensitive but recovering stomach. I got to meet Dora the Explora and Dirt whom I am sharing a campsite with. They are Southbound hikers who I have interacted with on social media. I am officially I’m Wyoming for good so with all the progress today it must mean “A new State, a new stomach and a new Me!”

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