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Day 200-Wet and Cold

CDT day 28-Miles Hiked today: 41

CDT total distance traveled: 965

Total trip miles: 5845

Avg temps: 20s in morning to 60s

Injuries: none

Pain: none

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: vanilla latte cold drink mix I have seen the days get longer and now I am seeing them get much shorter than I would like. Fall is coming and I am not ready. Besides the more limited daylight, my least favorite sign of a new season is the bitter cold nights and mornings. I completely wrap myself in my Katabatic quilt and an barely muster the courage to crawl out in the mornings. Add to this frozen shoes and it becomes a real fun time. Luckily the day warms by 930 and I can de-layer. On this particular day I arrived at Heart Lake around this time to be greeted by a ranger wielding a very futuristic rifle and I cannot image why he would need it out here. Even so, I was unimpressed and a little worried by his nonchalant ways. I wound through meadows and saw the most picturesque elk before leaving Yellowstone and entering the smoke filled Teton Wilderness. There is a nearby fire that not only encroached upon the views but also provided another barrier for the sun to penetrate. My next move is warmer clothes and also a better attempt at keeping my cold feet warm.

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