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Day 202-Dubois

CDT day 30-Miles Hiked today: 28

CDT total distance traveled: 1030

Total trip miles: 5910

Avg temps: 70s with cold morning

Injuries: none

Pain: none

Exhaustion level: low

Favorite meal: backpackers pantry cajon rice All I had between me and resupply was a short morning through Brook Lake and Upper Brook Lake followed by a road walk. The morning was brisk as I have come to expect so I made a double extra hot coffee. Unfortunately there was no one to take my order so I made it myself. With that to warm up my hands, I almost immediately had to cross multiple creeks and subject my feet to the piercing cold waters. Finally I arrived at the Brooks Lakes and they were incredible. Large jagged plateaus and ridges rose on both sides and reflected almost perfectly in the still cold water of the lakes. The beauty was short lived because the gravel road I would get to know began at the edge of the lake. A couple miles of road followed by a bushwack on a trail that did not exist brought me to Togowtee pass. It took nearly two hours to get a ride to Dubois but I finally made it. A resupply package from the post office, a hot meal and I was back out of town. Luckily it only took a few minutes to get a ride this time. It was illegal to hitchhike within the city limits of Dubois and it being a long skinny town I had to walk almost two miles that didn’t count to legally grab a ride back but luckily once it was done I was unconstrained. The walked the slow uphill to Sheridan Pass and saw some of the destruction a recent fire has done to the area. Overall considering the difficulties of getting into town I was able to made it overall productive. My next two resupplies are right on the trail so there will no complaining about the joys of hitch hiking.

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