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Day 209-Rawlins

CDT day 37 -Miles Hiked today: 48

CDT total distance traveled: 1312

Total trip miles: 6192

Avg temps: 80s

Injuries: Achilles tendinitis


Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: homemade bread via my aunt Kristen If I was looking to hike 48 miles today you would not have known it by my urgency upon waking up. I was stiff, tired and uninterested in crawling out of my quilt. The hardest part about big miles is most definitely the first mile. You are sore, tired and stiff and it takes a while for the joints and muscles to loosen up not to mention for the morning to warm up. Due to my stubbornness I hiked through the brisk morning and neglected to put gloves on. It would have taken 2 minutes to dig them out and put them on but I figured the day would warm up quickly. The clouds soon burned off and the day warmed up. As this happened my miles began to fly by too. I was now positive I would make it to Rawlins. I walked an extremely rutted dirt road that soon joined a larger road. Water was sparse but luckily it wasn’t too hot. I crossed over the highway and made it into Rawlins just after dark. I made the decision to grab what may be my last Hotel of the trip for financial reasons in order to ice up my Achilles and get a good recovery before hitting Colorado

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