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Day 210- the storm

CDT day 38-Miles Hiked today: 10

CDT total distance traveled: 1322

Total trip miles: 6202

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: Achilles

Pain: Achilles

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: continental breakfast After covering 133 miles in 3 days I decided to take it slow today. Apparently I took this mantra to heart a bit too much. A ten mile day may be the lowest of this entire trail for me. I enjoyed multiple meals in town and was also able to change to some more weatherproof gear as I enter Colorado. Then finally in the late afternoon I decided to make my move and leave town. The weather looked ok at first but upon further inspection I saw towering thunderheads moving in. Since I am walking across flat desert with no refuge there was not much in terms of avoiding the storm. I set up my tent as sturdily as possible and watched the store stretch it out and rip through it all night. It may have been the windiest night I have ever camped in. Throw some rain in there and my tent is soaked and worn through. On top of making up miles I will need to give my tent some TLC.

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