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Day 212-friends and Magic 

CDT day 40-Miles Hiked today: 37

CDT total distance traveled: 1406

Total trip miles: 6286

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: Achilles, pulled hamstring

Pain: Achilles hamstring feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: rice and pulled pork There is nothing worse than hearing something in pain. All night all I heard was the yelps of a hunters dog in pain. It was close enough to my tent that I couldn’t sleep through it and I was surprised to hear no movement from the dogs owner. It is a mystery that will remain unsolved and I will just have to catch up on sleep in the coming days. In honor of hunting season I have had to retire my usual earth colored shirt to my pack and dawn a bright shirt to avoid being taken down by these eager hunters. Overall today was a bit of a wash. I was tired and groggy and just did not fear the same drive to hike at a quick pace. There is no doubt this stems from the lack of sleep but luckily tonight I found the perfect campsite. A few major things happen today. First I hit the highway and slowly trudged up to the trail junction and parking area and began to strike up a conversation with a man parked there. In short he gave me a snack and even found batteries for my headlamp that he gave to me. It was pretty awesome and it only got better. As I was leaving a car of two hikers from the nearby town (I skipped this town) pulled up and we ended up hiking the entire afternoon and evening together before camping together. Holden and Bubbles also hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011 so we shared some good stories. And to top it off today is my 7 month anniversary of hiking!

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