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Day 213-Colorado

CDT day 41-Miles Hiked today: 43

CDT total distance traveled: 1448

Total trip miles: 6328

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: Achilles, pulled hamstring

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: noodles with sausage and cheese

Around 10am I entered Colorado. This makes it feel like the real race against the snow has begun. I won’t be one to complain if I can make it through this trail in time to avoid experience winter on both ends of this 8 month trip. Colorado has thus far been beautiful with looming mountains ahead along with countless hunters. I saw one late in the evening carrying hundreds of pounds of meat out. To push through Colorado with the diminishing daylight I am walking at least an hour past sunset now unfortunately. I have been really pushing the limits and have been continually battling to eat and drink enough to keep my calorie deficiency as small as possible. While hiking these kinds of miles especially at altitude it is impossible to carry enough food to fully replace the calories burned each day, so keep this gap as small as possible is key. Tomorrow I will get to steamboat springs to resupply.

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