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Day 215-The long Road

CDT day 43 -Miles Hiked today: 27

CDT total distance traveled: 1512

Total trip miles: 6392

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: Achilles, hamstring

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: backpackers pantry sweet and sour chicken and rice In steamboat springs I probably ate 15,000 calories in just 12 hours. I ate 2 giant burritos, garlic bread, 1 gallon of rocky road ice cream, 6 apple turnovers, 1 pint of chocolate milk, Denver omlet, 6 pieces of toast, 1 English muffin, 2 sides of hash browns, 2 peaches, 1 orange, 1 Gatorade, 1 package of cookies, 1 large mocha, and I washed it all down with a Powerade on the way out of town. This had me pretty well fueled up for the long exposed road walk on the side of the highway. I put my headphones in and completely zoned out for the majority of the 12 miles. I turned off the paved highway and it soon became a gravel forest road and I met two hikers. They are pretty accomplished hikers and bikers and I hiked with them the majority of the evening before I pushed on. We had a great conversation ranging from bike touring to our previous hikes. I ended the day in the pitch black at a time that would have still been very light just a month ago. Autumn has arrived.

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