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Day 218-Berthoud Pass

CDT day 46-Miles Hiked today: 44

CDT total distance traveled: 1625

Total trip miles: 6505

Avg temps: 60s and 79s

Injuries: Achilles hamstring

Pain: feet and heels head cold

Exhaustion level: extreme

Favorite meal: moms homemade vanilla latte I am the type of person who makes goals that are right on the edge of unachievable and then I do everything in my power to achieve them. This trip is probably a good example of one of those and my plan for today would also fall into this category. I think I get this trait from my mom who has also achieved some amazing things with the same strategy. In the midst of working on these goals I usually doubt myself and often am frustrated while working through something difficult but I am always happy in the end. Having lived in Denver for the most recent period of my life I have a couple friends willing to come out and meet me as I work through this section and as expected I set a tough itinerary to meet up with them. The best way to make it all work out was to put in a 44 mile day today. So that’s what I did. I stared at 6am and walked until 11pm over 2 13k foot peaks with a head cold. It was one of the harder days I have ever had but the fact that I can do less miles for a few days and I have a friend willing to hike 6 miles with me tomorrow will all make it worth it. Colorado is so steep, exposed, high altitude and has so much climbing I am hoping this will be my last day over 40 miles for the state. This was right up there with the most difficult days of hiking I have ever had and it never ceases to amaze me what the body is capable of.

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