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Day 228-Another Moose 

CDT day 56-Miles Hiked today: 30

CDT total distance traveled: 1953

Total trip miles: 6833

Avg temps:50s and 60s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles


Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: aunt Vic’s enchilada casserole The weather moved in swift and intense. San Luis Peak was a no go but even the backup plan involved navigating near 13k foot ridges completely exposed to the elements. I pulled on my rain gear, secured everything away and moved into the sideways rain. On days like these I try to fill my pockets with enough food to avoid opening my pack through the morning and letting everything get wet. As I had my head down to avoid the driving rain something flashed in my eye and it was the most macho moose I have ever seen. It had a great set of antlers and every muscle was sculpted as though he was on steroids. I froze and took the obligatory video and photos then just waited out of sight behind a tree. Luckily he could care less about me. He had more working out to do so he walked off the trail a ways and I scurried past. I climbed and descended and climbed again before finally getting to my turn off to follow a creek down through a valley. It would at least be some refuge from the wind. After some monotonous and frustrating walking down gravel roads with people driving up them to look at the “fall colors” (I’m colorblind so the beauty is a bit lost on me) I arrived in Creede where I resupplied and charged my phone before hitting the trail again. By trail I mean road out of town. It was actually ironic as I wound through an RV park with some setups worth more than the amount I have made in my life. In 50 years will I be in one of these fake camping grounds? I doubt it because I love dealing with a wet tent just way too much…

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