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Day 231-Snow fun

CDT day 59-Miles Hiked today: 30

CDT total distance traveled:2026

Total trip miles: 6906

Avg temps: 50s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: low

Favorite meal: aunt Vic’s casserole Within the first mile I knew staying in town overnight was the right decision. There was snow everywhere, ranging from 2 inches to almost a foot depending on elevation and a number of factors. Walking on this snow brought back memories of the Appalachian trail where it seemed I could not escape the snow. I did not see anyone today after I finally got to a ride back up to the pass around 10am but did manage to scrape together a 30 mile day by hiking into the night. The CDT is often very faint and hard to follow and when snow is thrown on top of the trail it causes even more headaches. Within a half hour of sunset I was exposed and up near 13k feet and made the solid decision to hike past sunset in order to drop into the valley and be a little warmer and less exposed overnight. Even so, it is so cold at just 8pm that my shoe laces freeze solid while I am walking if they get a little damp. It’s going to be a cold finish to this trail.

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