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Day 232-Goodbye CO

CDT day 60-Miles Hiked today: 38

CDT total distance traveled: 2064

Total trip miles: 6944

Avg temps: 50s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet,toes

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: mango homemade mixed drink The mornings are brutal with this cold autumn weather. I wake up before 6 daily and cringe at the thought of packing up for too long before I force myself to move. I pack as much up as I can from within my tent before subjecting myself to the real joys of cold mornings. I crawl out and work my feet in as far as possible into my frozen shoes. Then I have three tasks that take about five minutes that I have to take my gloves off to accomplish. When I am done and can slip gloves back on my fingers are so cold they don’t work properly for quite a while. I usually set a record with my first mile because I’m trying to warm up. Then my favorite time is around 9am when I can begin to delayer and feel the sun wash over me. Today I stayed at some pretty good altitude and although the trail was almost always either muddy or snowy I was able to get a big enough day in to finally make it in to New Mexico tomorrow! Colorado has pushed me to the limit and I am very happy to be leaving it behind on decent terms and without and more snow.

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