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Day 234-Seven thousand

CDT day 62-Miles Hiked today: 38

CDT total distance traveled: 2142

Total trip miles: 7022

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: Achilles and pulled hamstring

Pain: sore feet

Exhaustion level:

Favorite meal: I can’t even wrap my head around 7,000 miles. But between a pulled hamstring, Achilles tendinitis and how stiff and old I look walking the first few miles of every day my body definitely shows the signs of averaging 30 miles per days for the last 234 days (33 weeks). I estimate I have about 600 miles left and then the recovery can begin. It has been quite an adventure. As I have come to expect this morning was brutally cold. Packing up my tent my hands got so cold it took a couple miles to finally get them warm enough to eat breakfast. I started out with very little water since I made a cold coffee drink to get me going thinking I would have a couple options to get water in the first few miles. I was wrong. The pond was first. It was 80% mud, 15% cow poop and 5% water so I passed it up. Next up was a campground with faucets. This looked like an awesome source. Nope! The faucets were turned off for the season. Then I saw what I haven’t seen in a long time: trail magic. It was a bin that read “for CDT hikers”. Unfortunately there was no water but there was soda. I took two cans of coke and although they couldn’t substitute for water along with coffee I survived the first 16 miles of today on just Coca Cola and coffee. I wouldn’t recommend it. Somehow during this stretch i managed to lose the lid of my pot. No idea how this happened but along with a couple lighters it’s one of the few things I have lost in the last 8 months. When I finally got to rock creek and drank the nice cold water I also had to lay out my tent as the large swings in temperature cause considerable condensation if I am not in the perfect camp spot (under a tree). The rest of the day was spent walking abandoned roads and out of nowhere I started having some stomach issues. In the end I was up half the night wondering if I was going to throw up or if I could take some Advil.

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