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Day 241-Frozen Fingers

CDT day 69- Miles Hiked today: 40

CDT total distance traveled: 2390

Total trail miles: 7270

Avg temps: 30s in am to 70s

Injuries: Achilles hamstring

Pain: tired feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: Grandmas dehydrated chili relleno casserole During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: There Is a period of time in the morning lasting anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours depending on where I am hiking. During this period it is so cold that my fingers are numb and useless and I am hunched over with my jacket all zipped up and waiting for the sun to crest the mountains. The moment the sun comes over the hill is amazing. It doesn’t immediately mean I am warm and comfortable but it brings hope and comfort that the day has finally begun. On this particular day this period of time was nearly 3 hours long since I was walking through a canyon. Three hours with frozen fingers is not fun. Today was full of lots of road walking. This means the scenery was at a premium and I had to be “car aware.” I don’t like road walking but being so close to the end it was pretty nice to be able to log some miles, put in a big day and be that much closer to the end. My daylight hiking hours have diminished from once being 530am until 915pm to now being only 7am to 7pm. This is my biggest indication that it’s about time to put a bow on this adventure. Tomorrow I hit Pie Town and hope my package got here in time before moving on. Until this point I have been very good at taking this trip one segment at a time but now you better believe I am counting down.

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