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Day 245-Biblical storm 

CDT day 73-Miles Hiked today: 33

CDT total distance traveled: 2514

Total trail miles: 7394

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles hands

Pain: hips and feet

Exhaustion level: moderate,frustration level high

Favorite meal: dehydrated Tuscan soup and rice During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: Donate here

I spent the first 20 minutes of my day pulling thorns out of the side of my shoes. When I initially stuck my feet in them I felt something sharp poking me so I went in for a closer look. What I found was a large family of the stickers trying to harass my feet so I went to work. When I was finally comfortable walking I began the day and was confronted with multiple barb wire fences to climb under on the trail. My day would not end here. About 2pm the suspect clouds rolled in. I was tentative crossing the wide open expanses but the clouds hadn’t opened up yet. Then everything happened. The rain came hard, the thunder crashed and lots of hail came down. It was a bible storm and was truly awful. The hail eventually grew to the size of golf balls and my hands suffered some cuts and bruises from the hail. At times the rain was so thick visibility was just 20 feet. The road became a river and the flash flood conditions were extremely loud. It was miserable. In the middle of this awful storm multiple cars pulled over to ask if I needed a ride anywhere. All I could respond was, “No I’m hiking.” Then with a quizzical look they would say, “Well stay safe” and slowly pull away. I am sure they thought I was crazy and maybe I am. During a small break in the storm I set up my camp but was unimpressed with my gears ability to keep the critical items dry. I was soaked, my sleeping bag was damp and my tent had puddles in it. Another night in paradise.

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