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Day 249-Changing temps

CDT day 77 -Miles Hiked today: 36

CDT total distance traveled: 2655

Total trail miles: 7535

Avg temps: 70-80s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: Hawaiian baked beans Please donate to the cause I am hiking for (Suicide Prevention) here: Donate here Do you know the feeling and soreness that comes the day after a really hard workout? I don’t know what not having that feeling is like anymore. My calfs have been especially sore for months; but you know what, it really makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. The first 30 minutes of my day are pure comedy as I look at least 50 years older than I actually am. But however much it hurts I have a pretty simple agenda: just hike. Today touched 80 degrees and with it being my first full day in the desert in quite some time it was a shock. It was like going from 40 degree weather in Maine to hiking in the Southern California desert. It’s pretty amazing to go from ice, snow and hail in the Gila national forest just a couple days ago to hot sun and waterless desert. There was not much middle ground. As the day wore on enough places I expected water were dry so I began the scavenger hunt to find water. I found it but no matter how well I treated it the stench and taste of cows was still very strong. This water would not be satisfying but just enough to get me to a less nasty source. Luckily I found a great well under a windmill and had what might be the best water for the remainder of this trip. I finished the day by walking cross country through cacti towards the highway into lordsburg. When I finally called it a day i spent 20 minutes pulling thorns out of my socks and shoes. Tomorrow I will make the quick pass through lordsburg to grab my last resupply before the final push to the border.

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