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Day 88 – PCT day 1

First off I am sorry to mess with the routine of posting about my adventure daily but After 1 day of travel and 2 days of rest and binge eating I feel adjusted and ready to take on another trail. It is pretty strange to think that after hiking one long trail I start right back at mile 0. At least my body is pretty adjusted to hiking and I won’t be there long. I had a good breakfast, packed up and set out to Campo, CA. I got the obligatory photos with the terminus and then set off north once again. At mile 2 my dad joined me for a few miles of hiking and then he left strategically right before the day got really hot. Going from temperatures that rarely rose above 40 to temperatures around 90 is quite the shock. I was pouring sweat. The temperature today was warmer than it has been in any of the last 84 days of hiking which means I sweat more than the last 2 months combined. Overall the trail was great, beautiful, and dry. Creeks that were previously running in 2011 (before the California drought) were bone dry. This means I had the pleasure of carrying 10 pounds of water all day. At mile 15 I met a large group of people in the shade and I immediately began learning social skills again. My solitude for the last month is over and I need to remember how to have conversations. After the break at mile 15 is a hot 3 mile hill that most people dread on their first day. I didn’t have too big an issue since I did a thru hike as training. But near the top of hill I saw a hiker struggling and asked what was wrong and he said he has been out of water for a while. Since this is one of the worst things you can do to your body and I knew I could make it to the campground with water in less than an hour I gave him nearly all my water. Luckily I saw him make it to the campground so I didn’t have to worry. It was so great talking with a group of hikers that I decided to cut my day a little short and camp with them after a 20 mile day. It’s hard to watch all these hikers on their first and second day of their own great adventure hobbling around with blisters, aches and pains because I feel so good. I guess I was at that point 3 months ago. Nothing epic so far on the PCT except 1 baby rattlesnake but with the rate this adventure is going it won’t be long.Miles: 0-20

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