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Day 91 – Desert Storm

PCT day – 4

I woke up in a wet tent but it wasn’t soaked. When I stared out at where the storm had been last night I see a more dense, darker mass of clouds. Little did I know this storm would chase me all day. For the first 5 miles of the trail it was very smooth and easy to keep a good pace while writing out a post and looking through some of my pictures. It was multitasking and texting and walking at its finest. No tickets here. After 5 miles I came to the well known 3rd gate water cache. I didn’t need much water but tried to drink a water while there anyway. There were many backpackers camped here and I was soon passed them all, even the ones who started early. Then I had 12 miles of uninterrupted trail to myself. I was half expecting to see a moose to talk to. After the peaceful miles I walked across the highway into Warner Springs. I was prepared to by pass it, but right on the trail there was a community center that was open to hikers. It must have been a new edition since 2011 when I passed through. There were probably 50 hikers there and I decided to call it one of my breaks, had a soda and justified it by putting a charge in my phone. After some hiker interaction I was back on the trail when the storm really came in. The visibility was 50 feet and when walking on the edge of cliffs it can be a little interesting not to see the abyss below. I rounded out my day with some dehydrated pulled pork and Parmesan mashed potatoes. Not a bad way to end a 40 mile day! Tomorrow will be my first resupply at Paradise Cafe.

Miles: 86-126

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