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Day 92 – Paradise

PCT day 5 It rained all night and I left a candy bar in my pocket while I slept so I have a bruise on my hip. These are thru hiker problems. I set up my tent well so the rain fly took the brunt of the rain and I stayed dry for the most part and I felt pretty good in the morning after my first 40 mile day on the PCT. This trail is a lot less steep than the Appalachian trail and that means the miles are a bit easier. I spent most of the time going up and down around 5000 feet before dropping down to the desert floor again. The Anza Borrega desert is what I have been playing tag with, skirting around, and walking across the edges of the last couple days. During these trips across parts of the desert I met quite a few other hikers. Most notably were Tyler, Graduate, and T. rex. The later two actually were able to keep a pace comparable to mine and they made the same comment that they were surprised someone else could move that fast. We all got into the paradise cafe about the same time and I got to have a beer, milkshake and a burger. Just the essentials. I grabbed my resupply package and then the fun began. Due to the fire closure there is a series of road walks that serve as the detour to get to Idyllwild. Road walks are the worst and these were not enjoyable due to the rain, cold, and night. But either way I suffered through it and got it out of the way so I could make the Mother’s Day call to my mom tomorrow morning over a cup of coffee. Due to the late day I may even stay in town for breakfast which is something I rarely treat myself to!

Mile: 126- detour 175

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