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Day 93 – San Jacinto

PCT day 6 I had a good breakfast and coffee and made the first of two Mother’s Day calls before leaving idyllwild and hiking up to 10k feet and over the San Jacintos and then over fuller ridge. Fuller Ridge is the often overhyped as far as being covered in snow. There was very little snow and patchy at most. Much like it was when I went through the area in 2011. Past fuller ridge is my least favorite part of the entire trail. It is 20 miles of switchbacks down to the desert floor where it crosses under the highway to Palm Springs. This segment wears on my patience because for that 20 mile climb down the views do not change and some of the switchbacks are a mile long and only drop a short distance. I ended up running most of the down hill and ended my day with the walk under the freeway and on to stay in the backyard of the trail Angels Ziggy and the Bear. It worked out pretty good to have breakfast and coffee, hike 35 miles and then end up at a trail Angels house. Perfect timing as some would say.

Miles: 175-210

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