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Day 95 – the heat returns

I woke up way to early at the trail Angels house and spent my morning backing up the pictures on my phone while waiting for the 12 other hikers at the house to get up. Once everyone was awake breakfast was made with fresh eggs, potatoes and muffins. There was also coffee to wash it all down. It was a good way to start the day. I had my pack ready to go and played the waiting game until others were ready to get back to the trail. At 915 I was able to get back to the trail closure on the north side at onyx summit and begin the walk north once again. It was a pleasant walk but the desert here offers very little shade and heats up quick. Ten miles in I saw a 4 foot rattlesnake on the trail. It curled up and shook its tail at me giving the distinct rattle sound. I captured some of it on video which can be seen through the Facebook page. From here the trail climbed the mountains above big bear lake and provided amazing views overs the two cities sitting on the lake below. Walking on ridges continued with short drops to cross countless four wheel drive roads. I ended the day by arriving at 745 at little bear springs where I saw some people again from big bear. They decided to do a bit of a shorter route due to the detour so I was able to spend a rare two nights with them. It was pretty enjoyable. Miles: 251-286

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