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Day 96 – The Oasis

PCT day – 9 I woke up at little bear spring with 22 miles of hiking until one of my favorite spots on the trail. I was prepared to do it with minimal stops along the way in order to have the whole day. The plan went perfectly and I was soaking in deep creek hot springs by 1pm. Deep creek is an oasis situated in a very hot canyon in a very hot section of the desert. Access requires at least a couple mile hike. The layout looks like something that Disney would have tried to create. There are six different pools with hot thermal springs flowing into them and with various amounts of the creek stirring in with the pools to create 6 different temperatures. In the heat of the day I swam in the cold creek and as the day turned to night all the other hikers and I got into the thermal pools. I stayed up way to late and met people I will never forget. Hiking in the way I do during this journey I very rarely see anyone more than once and I was more than willing to soak up as much of the hot spring and the hiker culture at this amazing spot as I could before the 34 miles I will hike tomorrow into Cajon Pass.

Mile 286-308

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