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Day 97 – The Hotel

PCT day 10After a day at the nature hot springs “spa” I had 34 miles to get to Cajon Pass where my friend Lil Buddha bought me a hotel room. The plan was to make the miles before too late in the evening in order to get some true relaxing in. The hiking began around the vast canyon that deep creek sat in and I came out at the spillway of the Mojave dam where multiple people were camped. Here there was a small creek that I possibly could have found a way around but I just trudged right through it knowing my feet would dry in the impending heat. The trail meandered for quite some miles and eventually came up on silverwood lake. I walked around nearly half the lake and across some questionable water that I was required to treat and drink. From here there was a long hill and 13 more miles to the pass. It was very hot, well over 90 degrees, and I was hiking during the heat of the day. Moving forward I may avoid these hot hours, but this time I had a goal. Finally after climbing out of the hot desert, the highway and pass was visible and in my typical fashion I sprinted down the hill. At the bottom I walked the .4 miles to McDonald’s and regrettable became a patron of the business. Then I moved on to the hotel where I was able to soak in the hot tub. Two hot tubs in two days! I have been dreaming of hot tubs since the first winter storm in the Smokeys 3 months ago and I finally satisfied my craving. I ate all night and then passed out in the comfort of the hotel room.

Miles: 308-342

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