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Day 99 – Fifty

PCT day 12 Sometimes the miles just take care of themselves and today was one of those days. When all was said and done I had gone 51 miles. Leaving only a short 29 to make it to one of the most well known trail Angels on the PCT. To begin the day I climbed up Mt. Baden Powell and easily maneuvered the little bit of snow that still clung to the peak. After the summit the day really began to warm up. It wasn’t just hot, it was uncomfortably hot. I was lucky enough to be given some trail magic to combat the hot day. As I was making one of nine highway crossings I was handed an ice cold beer. There was little else said other than thanks and then the car sped away. It was true magic. Later in the day I passed a seemingly abandoned paved road and was once again handed a beer by a former through hiker. We conversed for a while and then I continued on. At the end of the day I was 51 miles down the trail after being powered by 2 beers! Miles: 374 – 425

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