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Day 122 – Changes

PCT day 34 You would be amazed how fast things change. The scenery, weather, my physical state and even my gear all can change extremely fast. Some gear changes I have recently made: I have switched from a 30 degree sleeping bag to a 22 degree katabatic quilt. It is warmer, lighter and much more comfortable than my old bag. A quilt is like a stripped down sleeping bag (to make it lighter) that often fastens or wraps around you instead of completely engulfing your body. I have been seeking shoes that will hold up to this fast paced snow walking and have yet to find a match here. The scenery continues to change every day. Today I began mid way down a valley. I continued to the floor and walked among the pine trees for a while before climbing back to an alpine level amongst the snow and sequoias. Later in the day I skirted the giant mountains and was brought to the land of metamorphic rock mashed together from many smaller rocks. It almost looks like man made concrete spires erected on the edge of the desert and the mountains. They are truly amazing and landscape defying. The weather is great all day until around 4pm when clouds appear out of nowhere and threaten to rain for about an hour and then disappear as soon as they came. My physical condition is something I rarely talk about. It’s tough to get up in the morning. I have been working to stretch as other than the walking motion I am very stiff. I have little feeling in a couple of my toes (this will come back months as I finish walking). My hands are rough and weathered with dirt I cannot remove no matter how much scrubbing I do. Other than this I am very well off physically (other than the continual nagging or dull discomfort of pain coming and going) after over 3,200 miles since February. Lastly I wanted to thank JackRabbit for his nice package of food with both salmon and dried vegetables in it. It was pretty amazing to be able to have smoked fish and add dried vegetables to my meals!

Miles: 1025-1055

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