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Day 236-Tarantula

CDT day 64-Miles Hiked today: 35

CDT total distance traveled: 2207

Total trip miles: 7087

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: Achilles hamstring

Pain: back pain

Exhaustion level: extreme

Favorite meal: aunt Vic’s enchilada casserole The first eight miles was perfect. It was walking a flat dirt road at only 6k feet of altitude and allowed me to slowly wake up while hiking. From there the trail disintegrated and became little more than a faint line through the forest the rest of the day. As I was walking a faint stretch and checking my maps I saw something move and looked down at where I was going to step, then jumped in the air. It was a tarantula. I did little research on this trail and am quite the expert on figuring it out on the fly but I was not expecting to see these ugly creatures out here. After landing from the monumental jump I did what every rational person would do: I probably leaned in too close and took a picture of the spider and then kept hiking. I was looking at a bigger day today but two things took their toll. First I had to end the day with a 3k foot climb back up to 10,500 feet and it took a lot more out of me than I anticipated. Then as I neared 35 miles it began to rain. Since it is a lot nicer to weather a storm in my tent I set up and listened to the rain on my tent as opposed to my head. Tomorrow I will hit Cuba where I may need some new pain killers since I am having some back pain.

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