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Day 29 – Weekend Warriors

Weekends are hit or miss on the Appalachian trail. There are many backpackers just out for the weekend and they bring with them many opportunities as well as issues. On this weekend evening I am in a shelter with a half dozen middle aged men that are all snoring in rhythm. It is like a comedy sketch. I would have chosen the tent over the shelter except I am hoping to be up early and at the post office before it closes at noon. After another 4 days of trail food, dehydrated spaghetti and beans, I could not be more excited for a hot meal. I crossed the 700 mile mark today and should cross the 1/3 point of the AT sometime tomorrow. As for the walking today, it felt like fall. The weather had the cold/chilly fall feel and I was walking through/over a 6 inch layer of dry leaves. The day was mild in the elevation department but still gave some incredible views. I spent nearly an hour on McAfee knob both enjoying the views and taking pictures. This set my day back a bit as I tried for the perfect photo. When I finally moved on darkness had set in and I walked the surrounding cliffs in the darkness before arriving at my shelter full of snoring. The two things I hope to get done in town tomorrow, and others hope I can get done, are a shower and laundry. I have a unique smell going lately.

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