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Day 37 – A day in the life 

Today was for the most part a normal day of waking the rolling hills of Shenandoah National Park. Here is how my day looks:6 – wake up and begin to pack up

615 – nature calls

625 – pull breakfast out of pack (tram bar from Kate’s Real food, poptart and fruit snack) then start walking and eat breakfast while hiking

7 – schedule blog post from top of first hill

815 – Eat shortbread cookies and fruit snacks from pack

930 – Sit down on rock outcropping and eat cookies and crackers

10 – Eat a Snickers from pocket while hiking

1015 – eat ritz crackers from pocket while hiking

1115 – smell the scent of the first day hikers

1120 – see the first day hikers

1 – Sit down for a short break and eat cookies and bar

315 – Short break and begin eating a whole box of cheezits

430 – short break to have water

6 – cook and eat dinner 1 (beans and instant rice, cook and pack up dinner 2 (seasoned beans)

8 – eat dinner 2 and look for a camp spot

845 – set up camp and write journal

10 – post journal and go to sleep Well that is my basic schedule. It really is the simple life. I will post a more conventional post beginning again tomorrow as well as more pictures of the Shenandoahs in the near future.

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