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Day 40 – Maryland

Virginia took countless days. West Virginia was less than a day and Maryland will be just over a day. It’s roughly 40 mile interaction with the trail has been full of nearly completely flat trail with a couple incredible views accompanied by multiple busy roads, freeways, and history. The mix of Civil War and Revolutionary war monument has given me more history over the past couple days than I ever learned in school. There is just something about walking in the footsteps of legends and being immersed in the same country side that those fighting incredible battles also walked through with packs on their backs. Today the highlight was not a monument or memorial. It was the Annapolis rocks. Not only were the rocks great (pictures to come) but I arrived just at the moment the sun finally broke through the clouds. It was one of those gut wrenching moments where you realize how small you really are. From here I walked a couple hours and settled for a day somewhere in the high 20s mileage wise. I also met the well known thru hiker who is southbounding the Appalachian trail after starting in December. Tomorrow I should be done with Maryland and on to the infamously rocky Pennsylvania. Lastly, I am so close to the halfway point I can almost taste it, and it taste like dirt.

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