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Day 43 – Duncannon 

Last night was not filled with sleep. Not because of animals, noise, or sickness but simply due to excruciating thirst. A day in which I ate much more processed food, pizza, and had soda instead of water at one of my meals, I was thoroughly behind on water and the half liter that I camped with would normally be more than sufficient, but under these circumstances that water was gone before my head even hit the pillow. Sleeping with an unquenched thirst is uncomfortable at best. On top of the sodium induced thirst, once I finally did fall asleep my alarm did not go off correctly and I began the day with the odds stacked against me. While forcing myself out of my zombie like state I was able to pound the trail and move quickly towards Duncannon. The trail was very mild with the exception of what one of the locals (and thru hikers) called “Turtle Rocks” which are the size of a turtle and are perfect for rolling ankles and causing immediate foot pain from the uneven and ever rolling terrain. 24 miles later I walked down the Main Street of Duncannon. With the signature white blazes leading the way. I grabbed my package from the post office and further refined my gear while also picking up a large allotment of food to bring my pack weight back up to its full potential. After my chores were done it was time to visit the iconic Doyle Hotel. It is notorious for being hiker friendly with great owners. I had a meal and a couple beers here and chatted with one of the owners: Vicky before deciding to camp at the first shelter out of town. I like to camp out of town because it removes the possibility of morning coffee and breakfast in town and keeps me in my routine that I have become so attached to. To close out the day I was treated to the most glorious sunset. Sites like these really give me perspective and remind me how fortunate I am. I also think how strange it is that on this trail that 10,000 people a year attempt to hike I am in solitude much of the time and will finish this trail before most people start their hike.

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