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Day 150-Lava

PCT day 62-With 25 miles to get to Santiam Pass where my mom and sister would be waiting I was motivated to get moving in the morning. Waking up in the shadow of the North Sister it was a cold. mosquito less morning. I was packed up in no time and began pushing across lava rock and small snow fields. As I neared Mckenzie Pass (HWY 242) the lava rock took over. Fist size, jagged, round rocks made up the trail and began to case pain with every step. Along with being sharp and misshaped they would roll as I stepped down on them. It took considerable care to navigate the 8 miles largely made up by these frustrating rocks. Luckily I preserved my ankles and came out ok. The rest of the day was spent in a burn. I walked around the east side of Mt Washington (not the first Mt Washington I have seen on this trip) and slowly began to descend to the pass. As I neared and saw signs of Hoodoo ski resort I also saw my Mom and sister coming down the trail. We hugged it out and moved to the car. The rest of the day was spent eating, eating, and doing my normal chores. We went out to dinner and they made me a peach and cherry dessert. Due to some unexpected events my dad was also able to come down bringing a friend to hike a couple days with me.

Miles 1773-1798

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