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Day 157-Indian Heaven

PCT day 69-I am a strong believer that having purpose is a key to happiness. With purpose come determination, resilience and fulfillment. Today it rained continually on me through some of the most beautiful areas of Southern Washington. I was largely rain free overnight which was helpful in terms of starting out with dry gear, but mid morning the clouds filtered in and drastically cut down visibility. All the views I was looking forward to of Mt Adams and looking back at Mt Hood were no where to be seen. On these types of days I avoid taking prolonged breaks and prefer to eat out of my pockets as I walk and trudge along all day. Late in the day I entered Indian Heaven Wilderness which is a series of lakes and trails with great fishing and camping. When I was very young I backpacked in the area. I spooked a large elk as I walked through and heard him tear through the brush in his escape. The rest of the day was spent navigating a dense green forest in a cloud for a wet 40 mile day!

Miles 2183-2223

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