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Day 160-old stomping grounds 

PCT day 72-Even after missing the store to resupply my evening did turn around. I was able to get free access to the pool and some local peaches so the night was not a total loss. As for today, this morning I met a southbound thru hiker while waiting for the store to open. It’s strange to think that on this trail he has 2300 miles to go. I grabbed coffee, resupplied as quickly as I could and got on the trail about 9am. With it being a Friday with decent weather I saw multiple hikers out today including a couple other southbound hikers. As I worked through the David O Douglas wilderness I passed multiple lakes that brought with them multiple bugs. One encounter with a grandfather and his grandchild stuck out in this section. As I passed he was cordial and asked about my trip and after I told him I had hiked from Mexico he said to the 7 year old grandkid, “this guy is the real deal.” From here were chatted a bit and despite being bitten by countless mosquitos I was more than happy to answer all of the kids questions. We never got too deep into anything but he did warn me of “Jack Mammoth” poop ahead. I am nearly certain he mistook it for horse poop. From here I climbed up into Mt Rainier National park where all I saw were clouds cloaking the giant mountain. I hiked past Dewey Lakes and up towards chinook pass. As I crossed the overpass over Chinook Pass I had a bout of nostalgia. This section of highway is where I trained for a Half Ironman when I lived in the area. I hiked and ran all these trails and hiked up one of the most grueling roads. The memories flooded back. I camped by sheep lake which seems to be full of people out to have a good time since it is just 2 miles off the road. I have just 327 miles left on this trail.

Miles 2292-2323

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