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Day 161-SOBOs

PCT day 73-As I am in the middle of a journey lasting thousands of miles and spanning multiple months it is uniquely refreshing to people just beginning their own long journeys. Today I passed many more southbound hikers that looked rough in hr model of transitioning to life in the wild. This is not a knock on them since I’m not sure how I would transition back to life in the “real world.” These new hikers had bear spray, tin cups, and often very large packs. I old bey these items will be gone before they hit Oregon. In one particular meeting a hiker name Continental Drifter told me with such passion in his eyes just how much he was enjoying his hike. This really helped me look around and enjoy everything just a bit more today. After almost half a year of hiking in incredible areas I can sadly take his for granted. The day was littered with views to the south of Mt Rainier and to the North of my next challenge, the North Cascades. It threatened to rain all day but other than a few drops as I pass Ulrich Cabin in Government Meadow there was no rain. The rest of the day was described beat by Quicksilver, who is a northbound we I passed late in the day, “Today was a roller coaster that beat me up,” are the words he used. I couldn’t agree more. It seemed the trail would take unnecessary detours to hit every single hill covered in logging roads. I have less than 300 miles left and should finish in 7 days.

Miles 2323-2370

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