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Day 162-Alpine Lakes

PCT day 74- I apologize for the posts all over the place, I am at the point where service is very rare and I just get posts out when I can.

A mere 20 miles was all I needed to get to snoqualmie pass. There was no resupply there, no one I knew but it would be a bit of a mental accomplishment. At that point I would have 260 miles left on this trail and be knocking on the door of the North Cascades. The first ten miles flew by, I saw a couple southbound thru hikers and as I neared the halfway point of my morning my speed dropped. I started seeing a person what seemed like every few steps and they all wanted to talk. At first it bothered me since I was dreaming of a hot meal but as I got used to it I started to embrace it. I met other hikers, a former thru hiker and some kids playing Pokemon go. I chatted with them all and was still at I-80 by 1230. I had a decent meal and decided to stop by Aardvarks for some coffee. Here I met some people who had countless questions and I was drawn into the fun of answering them. As my reward I was able to finagle a couple free meals! Finally at 3 I got back on the trail for a 4K food climb into the clouds. Once again the day hikers were out in full force and I as often a difficult tango to scoot by each other on the steep cliffs of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Once I was standing atop the jagged peaks and ridges that I would follow north the snow became an obstacle accentuated by the constantly shifting rock that barely resembled a trail. It was touch walking and my feet were constantly shifting as I moved over the rubble. I traversed steep snow and eventually descended into the basin I would call home for the night. The tough rocky trail, multiple downed trees and snow slowed me down. Lot more than I anticipated but that is all part of the experience. Miles 2370-2404

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